When it comes to expert consultation around the lending of commercial loans, The Hurdle Group is delivering the logical solutions that work. “The National Loan Origination Cost Report” is their quarterly report, which analysis and consults on the survey data compiled from selected banks across the U.S., in regards to origination and monthly fees of the commercial loans lent to organizations. This report is compiled with confidentially to participants and held in strict confidence. This report provides answers around the exact costs subjected to when funding commercial loans through financial institutions.

This beneficial insight into origination fees and monthly fees, will help organizations decide with clarity where savings can be gained. With the relative large size of commercial loans, the minute details matter for long-term savings and increased profitability. Every commercial loan being funded through a financial institution, is going to incur an origination one-time fee and a monthly fee. We survey bankers from all across the country for fee data and use the results in our PULPS commercial loan pricing model, and in our quarterly: “National Loan Origination Cost Report.”

To subscribe to this quarterly report pay $500/year or get a subscription for free by participating in the survey. The Hurdle Group has comprehensive solutions and tools for organizations to optimize their profitability when funding commercial loans, and this report is one of those quality solutions to highlight.

Our goal is to give our clients the knowledge needed for optimal savings when funding a commercial loan. The overall consultation service The Hurdle Group offers is powered with expertise in the financial world and advanced loan tools, which combines for effective, dedicated professional consultants with proven results. If interested, please take the survey, pay for a subscription, and/or contact us to know more or to get started today.

Alan Lee
Podcast: www.TheSchoolOfBanking.com