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Commercial Loan Pricing Variables

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Commercial Loan Pricing

Commercial loan pricing is done for the smallest to the largest commercial loans. Every loan has a rate, duration, fees and other terms that define the price for that loan.  Lots of variables to consider.  Pricing should be based on a defined and defensible methodology. It also can be influenced by individual discussions between the relationship managers and their clients. In a market where the savvy borrowers can know more about market pricing than their lenders, banks need to arm RMs with crucial analysis and statistics to remove the ‘information drawback’ that they face.

There is a desirable need for a better and improved discussion framework that not only establishes profitable trade-offs in spreads, fees and terms, but also protects risk adjusted returns and seizes the inside potential in the instances of strong demand. With commercial loan pricing you have five steps in the process of maturity: Ad hoc, cost based, competitor based, elasticity based and optimization.

The assessment of the analysis is a matter of crucial importance in the banking environment, which is a matter of the percent in rejecting profitability, competition, and the economic struggles. These loans represent the banks biggest class of their earning assets, which the commercial loan portfolio has the ability to adjust to rapidly changing interest rates. These portfolios have effected several things: Deregulation, more unpredictable financial markets, the urgent situations of global economy, increased rivalry, significant customer experience, recent economic struggles, and rejection in commercial real estate values.

The format of the analysis is designed to be easier to comprehend and work with. It also provides an outline and better approach.

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Alan Lee