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Banking Associations Provide Immeasurable Value to Their Members

90 Banking Associations Provide Immeasurable Value to Their Members

Value of over banking associations to the members.

My partner, Phill Rowley, speaks at a lot of Banking Association neetings.  The value of banking associations to the members is immeasurable.  There are more than 22 federal banking associations and over 68 state banking associations.  Their membership includes both small and large banks, as well as other financial institutions.  They represent the banking industry and the varied interests of its members.

Their goal is to  help make American Banks as competitive as possible in the state, national and global markets. This done through a variety of means, one of the most focused upon is lobbying of federal and state government to avoid burdensome or inefficient financial regulations.  A lot of this done through Bank Pac, the largest association in the financial industry. Bank Pac is reported to represent 95% of the industries more than $13.5 trillion in assets.

Banking associations are also focused on providing professional development to its member institutions.  There is a variety of certification programs offered as well as on-site training.  Their members are also provided access to many on-line training and resources.

The ABA Education Foundation is an educational arm of the ABA.  They operate two financial education programs for bankers, Teach Children to Save and Get Smart About Credit.  Through these programs they have helped bankers to teach financial skills to more thank 3.3 million children and young adults.

Community and public outreach programs are also focused on by banking associations.  Subsidiaries such as the ABA Housing Partners Foundation have helped to provide have helped to promote and support affordable housing in low-income and disadvantaged communities.  Not to mention the founding of soup kitchens and rebuilding efforts during natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina.

Banking associations provide countless legal, public relations, and educational services to their members.  If you would like to discuss this or other bank management issues please contact us.  We would be happy to help.

Alan Lee