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Understanding the Value of Graduate Banking Schools

Understanding the Value of Graduate Banking Schools

Value of Graduate Banking Schools

The financial landscape in the US is constantly growing and changing. As bankers and regulators, it is crucial that we learn to navigate the advancing technology, global issues, and challenging times. There is an increasing need for leadership in the industry. Graduate programs in banking assist us in understanding emerging issues and trends. It is useful to acknowledge the benefit and value of graduate banking schools.

A graduate program in banking encourages the growth of professionals rather than students. Undergraduate programs focus on teaching the facts. This is where we get our foundation and understanding of banking. Post graduate programs teach us how to use this information in a practical way. They teach leadership skills, negotiation, and promote teamwork. The graduate students come from many different functional areas of banking. This allows everyone to get a comprehensive understanding of all the various areas of banking. An individual completes a program as a professional, prepared to advance their organization and personal future.

A high impact, executive education teaches students how to be proactive. Learning how to identify upcoming trends and emerging issues is imperative in banking. Technology is changing the way customers handle their finances and the way bankers approach the business. It is also important to have a firm grasp on the global economy and how that affects US banking. Graduate programs give us the tools to approach these matters, understand them, and proactively navigate them.

There is no question that the more education we receive, the better prepared we are for the job at hand. From a customer’s viewpoint, wouldn’t you prefer someone with a graduate-level education handle your money? As a banking executive, you have people’s financial lives in your hands. This is a huge responsibility. Most professions with high levels of responsibility require many years of postgraduate study. Doctors, attorneys, and many others, require specialized postgraduate degrees. While this is not a requirement in banking, it certainly is important.

The benefits of banking graduate programs are immense. We can better serve our customers and our organizations by gaining this valuable education. The saying that “knowledge is power,” is absolutely true in this case. Seriously consider this option for yourself or for your employees. There is no shortage of excellent banking graduate schools in the US.

Phill Rowley, one of the founding directors of The Hurdle Group, Inc. has been an instructor at Pacific Coast Banking School for 37 years and is the co-host of our podcast called THE SCHOOL OF BANKING at www.TheSchoolOfBanking.com or find us on iTunes.

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