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Bank Marketeers

I just returned from giving a day presentation on asset/liability management to the ABA Bank Marketing and Management School at SMU in Dallas, Texas.  I have taught at this particular school for some time and find it to be a fantastic forum for the subject.

First, the students are all bank marketing personnel and I think by the nature they are involved in marketing make them very expressive in the classroom.  They are not afraid to ask questions, all of which are pertinent and to the point.

Secondly, because they are not always included in the asset/liability mangement process in their banks, they absorb the material presented.  They also appear to appreciate the school for presenting something to them that is outside the realm of their expertise.

In the class I emphasize that they have something to contribute to the asset/liability management process in that they probably have a better understanding of the characteristics of the banks’ customers.  An example of the information they can provide is what it takes to get a customer to move from one bank to another in terms of the rate provided on a particular bank account.  This type of information can be invaluable to management in setting financial strategies for a bank.