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Internet Commercial Loan Pricing Model

Jeff Judy, a premier advisor and instructor in credit, recently included an article in his web site www.jeffjudy.com which I wrote detailing the need for a commercial loan pricing model in financial institutions.  In Jeff’s role, he is often asked what is available in the market for assisting lenders in determining the “right” pricing on a commercial loan.  After having viewed various loan pricing models, he requested I provide the article to him to help others determine what is needed.  The article was published on October 29th of this year.  Since that article was written, a model to make loan pricing even more convenient to the lender is now being offered via the internet at www.hurdlegroup.com.  The internet model still contains the powerful analytics of the company’s current model but on a convenient pay-as-you-go basis.  It is, as is the case with the enterprise model, structured to make it easy to use with minimal training required by the user.  The internet model requires no on-going maintenance by the user, with all tables within the model updated on a timely basis by the Hurdle Group.  A 30 day free trial is available to give the user an opportunity to see the benefits provided by the model.  To get more information on specifics of the model, please log on to www.hurdlegroup.com.


Phill Rowley