Good news for financial institutions in the industry of providing commercial loans, The Hurdle Group is offering our advanced PULPS loan pricing model tool for a free trial. PULPS is a proven software meant to take the guess-work out of commercial loan pricing, resulting in greater profitability for banks and credit unions. Chairman of The Hurdle Group, Phil Rowley created this software in order for institutions offering commercial loans to gain an edge on the competition.

PULPS is a web-based service software and PULPS Platinum is the on-site house model. These innovative commercial loan pricing models allow financial institutions to get clarity concerning the profitability of the commercial loans they offer, simply by entering the variables of the loan. This sophisticated technology will analysis the data to show if the loan offered will meet the profitability desired. PULPS is an easy to use internet based tool giving invaluable results.

Don’t take our word for it though, try the software yourself with our free trial offer. Our friendly to use website has resources including videos to help you understand what PULPS is and how it can help with your commercial loan pricing model. PULPS is such an effective tool, we’re confident financial institutions will find it an invaluable tool in their efforts to increase profitability and reduce risk with their commercial loans.

The Hurdle Group has been helping our valued customers since 2006 with our proven methods including PULPS. This “Big Bank” technology was created for easy use in mind, so banks and credit unions can use it effectively as an advanced tool to understand the profitability of the loans they’re offering. The principles at The Hurdle Group, Phil Rowley and Alan Lee, are always available to help answer any questions you might have.

Get an edge on the competition by providing the lowest rates on your commercial loans while still gaining the profit your financial institution desires to make. The calculations of very small percentage points in the variables can make the difference in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Give The Hurdle Group’s PULPS commercial loan pricing model a try with their free trial offer and see for yourself if this is the advanced tool your financial institution needs to gain an edge. We have confidence it will be and welcome you to contact us if you have any questions about our services.

Alan Lee